A Dream Letter

on unity


To fellow citizens of the world,

I stand before you with a vision - a vision of a world united by our shared humanity. I have a dream that one day, we could look beyond the imaginary lines and see ourselves as one global family.

I dream of a world where we realize that the struggles of those across the ocean are our own struggles, and their triumphs are our triumphs.

I have a dream that we will break away free from our own egos. That we will release the illusion of superiority that keeps us divided.

Imagine a world where we are no longer bound by the narrow confines of "I," "me," and "mine." A world where we are no longer bound by us.

I have a dream today. Of a time when we understand that true strength lies not in asserting our own importance. And in this world, I see us rising above the meaningless competition.

I dream of a day when we no longer measure our worth by how much we surpass others, but by how much we lift each other up. Where we understand that progress is never zero-sum.

I have a dream that boardrooms will transform from battlegrounds of egos into arenas of innovation.
That classrooms will become gardens of knowledge, not theaters for cutthroat rivalry. I have a dream.

I want us to recognize our greatest competitor as not our neighbour and not our neighbour overseas. To recognize that it is indeed us from the past that we're competing against.

There, in that world, we together channel the competitive spirit into pushing the boundaries of what humanity can achieve.

Yet, let me be clear: this vision does not call for weakness. No, I dream of a world where each cultivates their strength. For it is only when we are strong within that we can truly connect with others.

My friends, this dream is not distant. It is within our own reach.
Remember, history began as a dream in someone else's mind.

I call upon you: nurture this dream.
Let it take root in your heart and grow in your actions.
Stand tall in your own power, yet humble in your connection to all.
Compete not against each other, but alongside one another in the pursuit of this world.

For when we release the shackles of nation, when we loosen on egos our girp, when we overcome competition - that is when we will truly be free.

To create a world of genuine intents.

That is my dream.